How to create a website for your pizzeria

Opening your pizzeria's website will help your establishment increase sales and customers. Here are some tips on how to make it happen

The restaurant world has become increasingly digital. The number of people ordering lunch or dinner directly online is growing at an impressive rate and everyone has to adapt. For a pizzeria it has become essential to have a website where you can show images of the place and the dishes prepared.

Here are some tips to follow to create the website of your pizzeria.

Who we are

In Italy pizza is a real institution. In order to become an expert pizza maker, it is necessary to attend the many courses that are organized every year in Italy and that teach the secrets to make a perfect pizza. To convince a user to book a table or order a pizza, it is necessary to show our skills and what products we offer. But above all, we need to tell them who we are, where we were trained and how long we have been doing this job. If ours is a "family" pizzeria that has handed down the art of making pizza from generation to generation, it is necessary to write this on the "About Us" page: it increases people's trust in us.

Images of the restaurant and pizzas

Images are fundamental on any website. But they are even more so for a pizzeria. Showing users the way the dough is prepared and the final look of the pizza might convince them to book a table for the evening. In an ultra-competitive industry like the restaurant business, it's the details that make all the difference. A word of advice: try to take images that highlight the pizza and not the surroundings

Investing in SEO Oriented Content

In order to grow revenue, you need to increase the number of customers. If we don't want to invest in advertising, the only chance we have to increase the number of customers is to position ourselves on search engines. More and more people are using search engines to find a pizzeria where to eat on Saturday night. If our restaurant will be in the first positions for keywords such as "best pizzeria in Rome", "where to eat pizza in Rome", "Neapolitan pizzeria in Rome" there are good chances that the user will become a customer. But to appear in the top positions in search engines is necessary to create content that is "appreciated" by Google, Bing, Virgilio. To get your business ranked high, you need to invest in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or in strategies to optimize content for search engines. It's a bit of a time-consuming job to do, but one that ultimately brings results. To understand what keywords to use in the content on the site you can use free tools for keyword research: Answerthepublic and Google Keyword Planner are among the most popular.

Pizza Catalogue

On the website of your pizzeria can not miss the menu. If a person is interested in ordering a pizza it is necessary to show him the complete menu with all the ingredients listed one by one. If each pizza is accompanied by an image, the menu will be perfect.

Reservation Form

When creating a website for a pizzeria, you need to contemplate adding a reservation form directly on the website. Customers will be able to reserve a table through the form without having to call the pizzeria.