How to listen to music for free until February 2022

One of the richest premium music streaming services in the world is on offer until January 10: here's how to get three months of free music on Amazon Music Unlimited

Among the most purchased products during Black Friday at the end of the month, and among the most given as gifts for Christmas, there will undoubtedly be smart speakers from Amazon and Google. Thanks to them you can manage your smart home with voice commands, but also listen to your favorite music: they are smart, but still speakers. The problem, however, is that without a subscription to a premium service (Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, YouTube Music Premium), it's easy to end up listening to more ads than music.

This is because with free services we can't create playlists, nor choose individual songs, and every few songs there is at least one commercial. The experience of using smart speakers to listen to music without a premium service, therefore, is less than exciting. On the other hand, with a subscription, the choices are virtually endless: Amazon Music Unlimited, for example, has a catalog of 75 million songs in HD, available in streaming without advertising. Only it costs 9.99 euros per month and not everyone is sure it's worth it. But, now, the problem no longer arises: in some cases Amazon Music Unlimited can be free for three months, instead of one (already provided by the normal subscription).

Amazon Music Unlimited free: who can have it

The current offer of Amazon is very clear and attractive: 0.00 euros for three months. But not everyone can activate it, since it is necessary to have never been a subscriber before.

Something not obvious, because Amazon Music Unlimited provides free cancellation at any time, paying only what is due until the end of the current month. Those who have never tried the service, however, can do so for free with this offer that expires on January 10, 2022.

Amazon Music Unlimited free: how to activate it

Activating the three months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free is extremely simple: just visit the Music Unlimited site (or click on the link below) and Amazon will automatically recognize us as new users or "returning" users. In the first case it will make us the offer of the first three months for free.

The first payment of 9.99 euros will be charged only from the fourth month. Those who subscribe today, therefore, will be able to listen to Amazon Music Unlimited for free until mid-February.

Subscribe today to Amazon Music Unlimited and listen to music for free until February 2022

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