How to listen to WhatsApp voice notes without letting the sender know

If we received a voice note on WhatsApp there are some easy tricks to listen to the message without making the double blue tick appear

Everyone has happened to receive a WhatsApp voice note from that very person with whom we had a fight. For pride the first thought is not to listen to the message, but if curiosity is too much there are still some little tricks to listen to the voice note without letting the sender know.

Exactly as it happens for messages, photos and videos, in fact, you can listen to voice note without appearing online and, therefore, without the sender can find out that we have listened to his recording. These tricks are very simple and within everyone's reach: they will take just a handful of seconds to be put in place and let us listen to what our contacts say without giving "signs of life".

Use Airplane Mode

Maybe the easiest way to read any WhatsApp message without the double blue checkmark appearing is to use Airplane Mode. How to do that? Simple: when we receive the notification of receipt of an audio note, we activate the airplane mode from the Settings of the phone and, after making sure that there is no more Network connection, we open WhatsApp. At this point we can listen to the note without any fear: even if we were to reactivate the data connection, the user will not receive any notification of our activity.

How not to make the blue dot appear in voice notes

WhatsApp, however, also has another system to notify users that someone has listened to their voice note. When we listen to a note, in fact, the dot that marks the passage of time changes color from green to blue. To prevent this from happening, we can follow two paths. After activating airplane mode and entering the chat, we can press the button with the arrow to the right and forward the note to a trusted contact or to a WhatsApp group composed only of us (you'll just have to create the group and invite one or two people, which you will then hunt). This way you can listen to the note again as many times as you want and without the need to activate airplane mode to appear offline.