How to mute a group on WhatsApp forever

We all have a WhatsApp group where participants are constantly sending messages, photos and videos, here's how to mute these annoying chats forever

Let's all admit it: we have that WhatsApp chat with several friends, relatives or colleagues where there is someone who sends a new multimedia content or writes a new message a little too frequently. Luckily, it's easy to mute a group forever on WhatsApp.

Okay, on WhatsApp you can mute a group's notifications so you don't get constant sound notifications, but the little number of incoming messages, the one in red above the application icon to understand us, will continue to mark all new incoming messages. If we really care about the order of our applications and notifications on our smartphone these continuous updates of new incoming messages will disturb us and not a little. The drastic solution would be to delete the incoming notification alerts on WhatsApp, but in this way we won't even see alerts of new messages from the contacts that interest us. What can we do then? Simple, here's how to mute a group forever on WhatsApp.

How to mute a WhatsApp group forever

To mute an annoying group chat for a while on WhatsApp we must first launch the application and then enter the group we want to make less nagging. Done this we press on the icon in the shape of three vertical dots in the upper right, doing so will open a pop-up menu from which we must select the item Group Info, pressing on it. A new tab will open and here we have to tap on the Silence Notifications item and then choose whether to do it for 8 hours, 1 week or 1 year. Remember not to tick the Show Notifications item otherwise the group will continue to clog up our WhatsApp homepage.

How do we do it though if we want something permanent? How do we really mute a WhatsApp chat forever? Simple, we return to the group where friends and family post a little 'too frequently. Click on the usual three dots in the upper right and select Group Info from the menu. In the new page that opens we go to the item Custom Notifications. Let's check the item: Use custom notifications. Done these we go to Notification Tone and select None. Then we go to Vibration and select Off. We then go to Pop-up Notifications and select the No pop-up notifications option. At this point it's done, we'll have created custom notifications that in no way will alert us to a new incoming message from that particular group. Although we will still be able to see, by entering the chat, the content sent by the participants in the chat. obviously to change a future notifications or cancel the silent mode forever just do the reverse path to reactivate the notifications and alerts of new message WhatsApp.