Iliad, extra gigs for customers: extended Digital Solidarity initiative

Iliad's Digital Solidarity initiative and makes 10GB available to all those who have subscribed to the Voice offer. Here's how it works

The Digital Solidarity initiative continues in the coming weeks, given the protracted lockdown that will most likely end in part only on May 3, 2020. Among the many Italian companies that have participated in the initiative launched by the Ministry of Technological Innovation and Innovation, there is also Iliad, which along with other phone operators has offered its customers extra gigs and minutes to use during this quarantine period.

The news as far as Iliad is concerned is that the initiative put in place valid for customers who have subscribed to the Voice offer by March 11, 2020, also continues throughout the month of April. Users who have not yet exhausted the additional data package offered by Iliad will be able to use them until the lockdown and the Covid-19 outbreak is over. As specified, the initiative is not valid for all Iliad customers, but only for those who have the Voice offer that provides only 40MB of data traffic: the target audience is the elderly who do not use the Internet.

How to get extra gigs with Iliad

To get the extra gigs of Iliad reserved for the Digital Solidarity initiative you do not have to do anything: the initiative is activated and deactivated automatically. Affected customers are informed by SMS.

This is 10 extra gigs of data to be used during this quarantine period for all those who subscribed to Iliad's Voice offer before March 2020. The Voce offer provides users with unlimited minutes and SMS, 40MB of data at a price of 4.99 euros. This is an offer designed for those who don't use their phones for surfing, but in this period when we are all at home, to stay connected with their friends, relatives, children and parents one of the best ways are video calls (especially WhatsApp ones).

In addition to 10GB, Ilaid's Digital Solidarity initiative also offers unlimited calls to more than 60 international destinations and to mobile numbers in the US and Canada.