Instagram, Directs arrive also on the web version

Some anticipations suggest that Instagram is preparing to enrich the functionality of the web platform, starting with messaging

That the intention of the "big bosses" of Facebook was to strengthen the messaging platform of Instagram had been had in various situations. Not least, the statement of Mark Zuckerberg to be working on a merger (at the infrastructure level) of the various WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and, of course, Instagram Direct.

The confirmation, if it were still necessary, comes from an indiscretion that bounces directly from the United States. According to some journalists overseas, in fact, the developers of the social photo platform par excellence are working to integrate the Direct also in the web version of Instagram. Until now, in fact, the website of the social did not allow you to read or even exchange messages with your followers or influencers that you follow. With the change, however, users could start messaging from the web as well, thus entering in direct competition with Messenger and WhatsApp Web.

How are the Direct in the web version

At the moment, we read on some U.S. hi-tech publications, the Direct on the website have been released in beta version for a very small circle of users. It's a sign that Menlo Park is testing functionality and stability of the tool, in view of a collective release that could be closer than you think. But how are Direct from web? Looking at the screenshots of some people who have had the opportunity to try them, we can say that there is no difference with the mobile version. The interface is the same, as well as do not change the various tools that the user has to exchange messages with their contacts.

In short, an intervention that we could define "conservative", aimed at minimizing the possible difficulties of adaptation that Instagram users may face when using Direct from the browser of their computer.