Instax Share SP-2, the portable printer from Fujifilm

Made by Fujifilm, the Instax Share Sp-2 is a lightweight device with compact dimensions, with which to quickly print high-resolution photos

A handful of seconds to print a photo taken with your smartphone. That's the time it takes the Instax Share SP-2, the portable printer produced by Fujifilm. With the device made by the Japanese company is also possible to reproduce directly on paper images posted on social networks.

The Instax Share SP-2 is a compact tool, very useful for quickly print images saved on mobile devices. Fujifilm's device communicates with your smartphone via Wi-Fi connection. And it does it really fast: a click on the phone and the image comes out of the printer. The object does not disappoint even on the quality front. The Instax Share SP-2 is able to "develop" high resolution photos. It is also very quiet and has other features very useful as the ability to enhance and edit the image to be printed.

Features Instax Share SP-2

The portable printer of Fujifilm integrates with smartphones and tablets via Wi-Fi connection. Through the dedicated app, you can manage the shots to be printed. The Instax Share SP-2 also allows you to print photos from Facebook or Instagram. The portable device supports 800 x 600 pixel resolution, which allows you to print sharp and richly detailed images.

Supports JPEG and PNG formats

The device from Fujifilm is compatible with JPEG and PNG formats and weighs just 250 grams. Very interesting is the functionality through which you can split a photo and print it in two separate images. In addition to integrating with smartphones, the Instax Share SP-2 can also be connected with other cameras equipped with a wireless connection. Photographs are also customizable with the addition of frames and many filters.