OnePlus Nord, two more smartphones with mini price coming

Two more low-cost OnePlus Nord smartphones on the way: similar design and a single camera for the phones codenamed Billie 1 and Billie 2

Two new low-cost smartphones with similar design to the OnePlus Nord could arrive on the market. The rumor comes from a video that shows two smartphones very similar to OnePlus Nord, codenamed Billie 1 and Billie 2, except for one detail: the camera compartment.

The movie shows two smartphones with a single selfie camera on the display, while in the back the configuration could be dual in one of the models and triple sensor in the other. Sharing the video was Concept Creator user Max J on Twitter, who explains how these are renders of possible OnePlus Nord based on his imagination, but could be very faithful to the final product. It is still unclear whether the two new low-cost smartphones will arrive in the global market, or will be launched only in the United States.

OnePlus Nord, two low-cost smartphones coming soon?

OnePlus Nord was recently launched in the Indian and European markets, but not in the United States. The new renders of two models with a design very similar to the original, codenamed Billie 1 and 2, could be the ones destined for the US market. A rumor fueled by the statements of Carl Pie, co-founder of OnePlus, which in an interview with Wired had spoken of a new smartphone brand intended for the U.S.. In recent days it was assumed could be the OnePlus North E, model code-named BE2028 appeared on the site Geekbench with a Snapdragon 690 5G processor.

The two models appeared in the video posted on Twitter could then also be equipped with a Snapdragon 690 processor that supports 5G connectivity, since among the objectives of OnePlus is precisely to launch smartphones in the mid-range category equipped with this connection technology. To find out the other features of these models, we will have to wait for the arrival of new rumors or official confirmations from the company.