PlayStation Netowrk down on July 12, what we know so far

Don't worry: the fault is neither your PlayStation nor your carrier. If you can't access the PlayStation Network and challenge your friends online, it's because the PSN has been down for a few hours now and there's no news from the Japanese manufacturer about possible solutions or repair timescales.

In short, thousands and thousands of users who had planned to spend the evening playing with their PlayStation will (most likely) have to do something else. The first reports that the PlayStation Network is not working have arrived in the immediate Italian after-dinner (between 20:30 and 21, to be precise), to grow exponentially after 21, when most of the community of gamers accesses the platform to play online developed by Sony. The problem, moreover, does not concern only Italy, but as it is easy to infer from portals such as Down Detector is also widespread throughout Central Europe (Germany in the lead).

PSN not working on July 12, what we know

As just said, PSN down affects a bit 'all of Central and Southern Europe, with peaks of reports from German users. In the vast majority of cases, users are complaining that they can't log in to their PlayStation Network profile and can't play their favourite titles online. Most of the complaints, of course, also concern Party Chat and other "social" sections of the online gaming platform.

About the nature of the problem, we are still groping in the dark. Although it is very likely that Sony technicians are trying to invidiuare the cause of the malfunction, the Japanese company is currently entrenched behind a no-comment that does not seem to bode well. At least in the very short term.