Ratched: what is one of Netflix’s most viewed series about

The legendary nurse from Someone Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest is the protagonist of the new psychological thriller that has already recorded record viewing

Ratched was the most viewed streaming series in the middle week of September 2020, snatching the first place from Cobra Kai, the sequel to Karate Kid also broadcast by Netflix, which has been recording record numbers since its release. It then put in serious trouble hit shows like Lucifer and The Boys.

The TV series stars actress Sarah Paulson as the young nurse Mildred Ratched, a character many will remember from Someone Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. This ruthless woman entered the imagination first with the novel published in 1962, then with the 1975 film of the same name inspired by the book, where she is played by Louis Fletcher and in which we also find Jack Nicholson. Ratched is therefore a mix between spinoff and prequel of the famous film work. It is a psychological thriller capable of keeping viewers in suspense for hours, also thanks to the excellent writing of Ryan Murphy, one of the creators of The American Horror Story. The first season premiered in September and has since garnered a large following.

The plot of Ratched: what is it about?

As mentioned, the TV series tells the story of the origins of the unscrupulous nurse Mildred Ratched. The story begins in 1947 when the young woman is hired in a psychiatric clinic where they perform strange destructive experiments on patients. Here the woman will develop a homicidal and vindictive tendency that will be somehow fed by her collusion with the health authorities and by her own thirst for power.

The American health care system, and in particular the one related to the world of mental illness, is told in a ruthless way. At the same time, its injustices and contradictions are highlighted, in an atmosphere of apparent elegance and lightness.

Every detail of the TV series creates discomfort, starting from the dark colors of the clinic, which alternate with the bright colors of life outside that grotesque environment, between luxury hotels and meetings with important businessmen.

Cast of Ratched

The protagonist of the TV series is Mildred, a role entrusted to actress Sara Paulson, who proves to fit perfectly into the part. Next to her we find Charlie Carver as Huck, Judy Davis as Betsy Bucket, but also Cynthia Nixon (Gwendolyn Briggs), Amanda Plummer (Louise) and many others. The cast is choral and everyone has a well-characterized role, able to make a difference in the story.

Where to see Ratched streaming

The first season of Ratched was released on Netflix on September 18 and consists of eight episodes. We already know that a second chapter will be released, for a total of 18 episodes.

The content is therefore available for all subscribers to the channel, you can watch it thanks to the app available for all mobile devices that support the platform, but you can also enjoy it on TV and smart TV