3 TV series to watch if you liked The Boys

There are many TV series starring superheroes, but some approach the theme from a different and original point of view: here are three titles to watch!

The second season of The Boys has been over for a few days now. Despite this, many fans continue to feel that sense of emptiness typical of a chapter that ends. Many would like to know right away how the stories related to Patriot, Billy Butcher and their respective fellow adventurers end, but unfortunately it is not yet possible.

In fact, the third season will not arrive until 2021. Fortunately, the world of streaming content is really wide and to deceive the wait you can watch other equally interesting shows. There are several TV series similar to The Boys offered by platforms such as Amazon Prime Video or Netflix. The world is always the one related to superheroes, who are not treated as better creatures than men, but are humanized and presented with all their merits, flaws, but also crises and emotions. So let's take a look at three TV series that deal precisely with the issue from this point of view.

Preacher on Amazon Prime Video

Fans of The Boys are definitely subscribers to the Amazon Prime Video platform, which streamed the series. And staying right on Prime, you can find another interesting content. It is titled Preacher and is based on the cult comic book of the same name written by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

The series has already reached its fourth season, gaining quite a following. It tells the story of a Texas preacher named Jesse Custer who gains super powers when he is possessed by a mysterious alien entity, half angel and half demon. Together with his vampire friend Cassidy and his murderous ex-girlfriend, he begins a journey in search of God, but during his adventure he encounters absurd characters and confronts his limits as a human being.

The tones are those of a comedy-drama with noir and irreverent undertones.

Supergirl on Infinity

Another series similar to The Boys, but certainly less irreverent and cynical is definitely Supergirl. The plot tells the story of Kara (Melissa Benoist), a girl from Kryption, who hides mysterious superpowers that no one knows about, except her sister and her cousin.

She learns to manage them and uses them to protect her family and society as a whole under the secret name of Supergirl. Episode after episode we then get to know the protagonist who will have to try to strike a balance between life as a superheroine and her private life.

As well, the show is based on a popular DC Comics series. Supergirl is available on Infinity.

The Neighbor on Netflix

You could mention several Netflix titles that talk in an alternative way about the life of superheroes (first of all The Umbrella Academy) but among them there is one little known but full of potential.

It is titled The Neighbor and is a Spanish series. Also this time it is based on a comic book, the one written by Santiago Garcia and Pepo Perez, so far unpublished in Italy.

The Neighbor tells the story of Javier (Quim GutiƩrrez), a boy who from one day to another acquires superpowers that radically change his life. He will have to figure out how to use these abilities and manage to reconcile them with his existence with all its commitments.

The TV series tells the life of normal boys, with their problems and their daily lives. In fact, superpowers will not make the protagonist change, who will remain an ordinary man with his frailties, failures and mistakes. The neighbor is available on Netflix.

While waiting to be able to watch The Boys 3 is therefore possible to enjoy these shows that talk about superpowers in an unconventional way.