Samsung Galaxy A22: when it arrives and how much the low-cost 5G costs

Samsung is preparing to sink the blow on rivals with the cheapest 5G smartphone in the range: the possible price of Samsung Galaxy A22.

With the expansion of the Galaxy A and Galaxy M series that began two years ago, Samsung has clearly aimed to curb Xiaomi's dominance of the low and mid-range market, especially in certain regions of the world like India where droves of Android smartphones can be sold as long as the prices are low.

And it has succeeded. In just a few years, Samsung has consolidated its name as one of the most viable in the low to mid-range market in the Indian region even going so far as to knock Xiaomi off its throne last year, which seemed unattainable. Now, not to rest on its laurels, Samsung is ready to relaunch by spreading 5G connectivity to the lower segments as well, and Samsung Galaxy A22 will be one of the crucial products to achieve this, if only for a price that, logically, should be the lowest of the entire Samsung offer. That's why Galaxy A22 is currently one of Samsung's most anticipated smartphones, and it's no coincidence that rumors about it are numerous. But when will Samsung's low-cost 5G arrive?

The rumors about the European price of Samsung Galaxy A22

The latest rumors suggest that Samsung Galaxy A22 will not arrive before June, some well-informed people were even talking about July. They are rumors, it is true, so they are unlikely to be more than accurate, but they do give an indication on the timing, which will not be as short as some might imagine.

It would not be the first time that a smartphone from Samsung is anticipated, even in detail, several time before its release. It has already happened for example to Samsung Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72, so a launch "comfortable" compared to the timing of the past years between rumors and official for Samsung Galaxy A22 would not be unprecedented.

In the meantime, rumors focus on possible prices of Samsung Galaxy A22 in Europe. In these days to hold the stage is an alleged price list of a European retailer, which would confirm once again that Samsung Galaxy A22 would be by far the cheapest 5G smartphone from Samsung.

The rumor suggests a starting price in Europe for Samsung Galaxy A22 of 229 euros, net of course the differences due to taxation between the various Member States (such as Italy, a country where usually this kind of products cost more than elsewhere). A price that would still be attractive, especially if you compare it with the list of Samsung Galaxy A32 that reads 279 euros.

The alleged specifications of Samsung Galaxy A22

The rumors arrived so far on the account of Samsung Galaxy A22 speak of an Android smartphone with chip MediaTek Dimensity 700, with 64 GB of internal memory however expandable via microSD, with a 6.4-inch LCD display and Full HD + resolution, and three cameras with the main 48-megapixel, a 5-megapixel macro and finally a depth sensor of 2 megapixels.

Abundant battery - we're talking 5,000 mAh - with charging at 15 watts of maximum power.