Samsung Galaxy S22 will have fast charging and a super-bright screen

Galaxy S22 Ultra is set to set a new benchmark for Samsung's range in terms of charging power and will have an industry-leading screen

According to information recently gathered by tipster Ice Universe, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have fast charging that is almost twice as fast as Samsung's current best smartphone, and a screen that will be an absolute benchmark for the entire industry in terms of maximum brightness.

So if on this last aspect Samsung is preparing to "light up" the industry, it seems that it will not do so on the front of charging power. On Galaxy S22 Ultra we expect a significant increase, with Samsung still expected to remain distant from the best technologies of competitors. The Seoul-based company was probably burned by the Galaxy Note 7 experience, and it's possible that for this reason in the following years it preferred to adopt conservative solutions, without pushing the bar too high. After all, with a large enough battery and with the presence of wireless charging will offer users a sufficiently wide range of solutions for charging the smartphone through safe and reliable systems.

Samsung Galaxy S22, fastest charging ever

According to information obtained from an informant, Ice Universe, which often turned out to be reliable, especially with regard to Samsung, Galaxy S22 Ultra will have fast charging at 45 watts. However, he did not provide any information on the charging power of the other two expected smartphones, Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22+, so at present we have to assume that they may remain aligned with the 25 watts currently guaranteed on Galaxy S21, as also suggested by other rumors in recent weeks.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra should make a leap up to 45 watts, power that would not allow it to be one of the smartphones on the market with the fastest charging of all (the recent top of the range Xiaomi even reach 120 watts) but could still reach 70% from discharge, always according to information collected by Ice Universe, in 35 minutes.

And if the battery was really 5,000 mAh as anticipated by the informant, then in just over half an hour you would put "in your pocket" an amount of energy sufficient to stay quiet for hours.

Samsung Galaxy S22, screen reference for the sector

The specification that perhaps most striking among those shared by the rumors concerns the screen. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is rumored to adopt a 6.8-inch AMOLED with QHD+ 2K resolution with a maximum brightness of as much as 1,800 nits. This is a very high value: iPhone 13 Pro Max, among the main challengers of the next top of Samsung, reaches 1,200 nits, while Galaxy S21 Ultra does not go beyond 1,500 nits.

A peak brightness as expected on Galaxy S22 Ultra will allow you to play even in prohibitive light conditions, such as when the sun shines brightly on a summer day at the beach.