Surface Phone coming with Windows Polaris operating system

The Surface Phone (also known as Surface Andromeda) should arrive with the new operating system developed by Microsoft

Microsoft would seem to be getting closer and closer to returning to the world of smartphones. After the failure of Windows Phone, the Redmond company would seem to be ready to launch a new smartphone: the Surface Phone. But from the rumors of recent months, it would not seem to be a smartphone like the others: the device will mount a folding screen and a new operating system that Microsoft has been developing for some time.

We are talking about Windows Polaris, a new version of Windows 10 that is based on the experience of Windows 10 S, the lightweight version of the operating system launched last year. The peculiarity of Windows Polaris lies in the impossibility of being able to install applications outside of the official Microsoft store (as it happens with iOS). In this way, the performance of the device should not deteriorate over time.

How will the Surface Phone

The Surface Phone is also known by the codename Surface Andromeda and should see the light by the end of 2018. The device should be a kind of tablet/smartphone with a foldable screen and capable of transforming as needed. A device in many ways revolutionary. And for this reason even the operating system will have to be something completely new. On board should be the new Windows Polaris, an operating system built on Windows Core OS and that adapts depending on the device. The OS will be tied entirely to UWP (Universal Windows Platform) apps and this should make the Surface Phone much faster and snappier. The UWP system is the same one used on Windows 10 S as well, but that hasn't paid off much so far. The Redmond company, however, would be working so that with the release of Surface Andromeda, the online store will offer all the necessary applications to meet the demands of users.

As for the characteristics of the Surface Phone, the indiscretions available are still few. It should be a top of the range device, but on the hardware compartment still no news.