The Sims, the cult series of the 2000s coming to smartphones

The Sims is ready to make its return with a new version for smartphones: we will be able to create our family, make babies and have fun with friends

The Sims, the famous video game that simulates the life of a person, is definitely one of the favorite titles of PC and console users. The first version of the game was released back in 2000, produced by EA Games. After a long wait, the game is now ready to be played on smartphones.

There are different versions of The Sims: over time the game has changed, adapting to new lifestyles and changing society. The first version, that of 2000, for playability remains one of the favorites among fans. In that The Sims you had several options to customize your characters, make them similar to us, and determine their destiny. To announce the release of the new version for mobile was the same software house Electronic Arts. The game will be available for both Android and iOS smartphones.

How to play

The gameplay of the mobile version will be identical to that for PC and consoles. We will be able to customize our character, or our characters, before starting to play but also during the game phases. We'll have to build our character a home, a career and also different relationships. From love ones to those with friends and colleagues. In the game the family will expand because children and grandchildren can be born. The addition in this mobile version will be time-based objectives to unlock hobbies and career possibilities for younger characters. Electronic Arts has not yet informed about the exact release date of the game, and no information about the price has circulated yet. Given the gamaplay of The Sims it is very likely that there will be several in-app purchases to unlock goals, special items and characters. For those who can't wait to download the game you can sign up on the App Store or Google Play Store to be notified as soon as the title is available.