Warrior Nun, the new teen drama available on Netflix

A new TV series halfway between horror, action and teen drama is coming to streaming: here are all the details of Warrior Nun available on Netflix starting July 2, 2020

Warrior Nun is the new series produced and distributed by Netflix available starting July 2. Just as the name suggests, the plot is centered on a group of warrior nuns committed to fight against an evil group of demons who want to control the Earth.

As in many other content, here too it's hard to pin down the genre: in fact, there is talk of supernatural horror and fantasy but there is also a lot of action, not to mention the wink to a narrative very much in vogue, namely the teen drama. In fact, the protagonist and her companions are teenagers who must be able to combine everyday life with their role as warriors. In short, to classify it will need to watch the 10 episodes that make it up. The TV series is inspired by the comics of Ben Dunn, which are developed by creator Simon Barry already scriptwriter of some horror content, such as Ghost Wars and Van Helsing.

Warrior Nun: plot

Warrior Nun is centered on the story of a girl called Ava (played by actress Alba Baptista), who grew up in an orphanage after the death of her mother, which occurred in a car accident where Ava lost the use of her legs. Ava wakes up in a morgue with an amulet embedded in her back. She discovers that it was the nuns of the Order of the Cruciform Sword who put it on her back and then saved her. They decide to bring her back to life thanks to a sort of blessing.

Ava then joins the Warrior Nun group, a team of warrior nuns who fight demons. The girl is 19 years old and would like to live her adolescence, unfortunately, several things hinder her: not only demons, but also a kind of union between heaven and hell that wants to subjugate her.

Warrior Nun: how to watch it in streaming on Netflix

Warrior Nun is already available on Netflix, and is therefore accessible to all subscribers to the service. To watch it on TV, you need to log into the app with your credentials and start the content. The first season can also be watched in Italian. Moreover, it can also be accessed from other devices, again through the Netflix app, such as smartphones and tablets. Those who don't want to download the app, however, can watch Warrior Nun on computers by accessing the service's web platform.