What is VEI, the new low-cost operator

Vodafone is ready to launch its own virtual phone operator VEI to oppose Iliad, likely offers with unlimited minutes and many gigs of Internet

The arrival of Iliad is not the last news in Italy in the field of low-cost operators. After the French phone company in our country is ready to land VEI, a new operator with low cost rates that should take the brand of the already known Ho.Mobile.

VEI is a British telephone operator that works on Vodafone network. In our country, the new mobile operator will arrive with offers without time constraints, rechargeable and with unlimited everything packages, except for data traffic. Although the official launch has not yet taken place, VEI already has a company operating in the Italian territory, VEI Srl, with a telephone prefix assigned, its own numbering arcs and also an operator code. There are also already interconnections with other operators active in Italy, which means that it is theoretically already possible to make a number portability with a SIM from our current operator to VEI.

The fight to counter Iliad

In Italy VEI will be to all intents and purposes the virtual operator of Vodafone, as Kena is of TIM. The struggle to counter Iliad could lead in our country then or a disappearance of small virtual operators or their merger with the classic phone companies operating in our country for some time now. As has already happened abroad, even in Italy to counter a new operator that enters with very advantageous rates the phone companies "standard" rely on the operators of their property but totally new to convince users to switch to cheaper rates but still under their control.

More companies means for users more opportunities for offers. Packages that at the moment VEI however has not yet presented. If the operator managed by Vodafone were to follow the path taken in other European countries, however, we should find ourselves in front of offers less than 10 euros and with at least 15-20GB of Internet and unlimited voice minutes. There is curiosity to understand if the Internet connection will be 3G as it happens with Kena TIM or if Vodafone will decide to use even on VEI the same speed that allows subscribers to the most expensive packages.