Where to see the most important matches Serie A 2019-2020 streaming

It's just a little while before the start of the new Serie A 2019-2020 championship. Sky and DAZN have already chosen next season's big matches, dividing them according to contract

The 2019-2020 Serie A TIM will be played between August 24, 2019 and May 24, 2020, followed shortly after by the 2020 European Football Championship. Shortly after the calendar of the Italian top league was made official, communications arrived regarding the 20 "big matches" chosen by Sky and DAZN, assignees of the exclusive broadcasting rights packages for live pay-per-view.

The 2019-20 season is the second one broadcast in streaming for Serie A after the entry of the British DAZN into the Italian market. Nothing changes compared to last year: Sky, assignee of packages 5 and 6, will broadcast 16 blockbuster matches on an exclusive basis while DAZN, assignee of package 7, will broadcast four. Sky also retains exclusive rights to another 250 league matches not considered big matches. Seven out of ten matches of each day (except those classified as big match) will in fact be broadcast by Sky while three by DAZN.

How much does it cost to see the Serie A matches in streaming

To see the Serie A 2019/2020 in streaming you must subscribe to Now TV (Sky's online platform) with the sports ticket or DAZN. With Now TV, at a price of 29.99 euros per month, you can see 7 out of 10 matches of each day of the championship while with DAZN, at a monthly cost of 9.99 (which drops to 7.99 euros for those who are already subscribed to Sky) you can see the remaining 3 matches. An alternative is represented by SkyGo, the streaming service already included in the Sky satellite subscription.

Serie A 2019-20: Sky's exclusive big matches

The majority of the most important matches of the next Italian Serie A championship will be broadcast by Sky, according to this schedule:

2nd day

JUVENTUS-NAPOLI: Saturday 31/08/18 at 20.45

7th day

INTER-JUVENTUS: Sunday 6/10/19 at 20.45

12th day

JUVENTUS-MILAN: Sunday 10/11/19 at 20.45

13th day

MILAN-NAPOLI: Sunday 24/11/19 at 20.45 (or Saturday 23/11/19 at 18.00/15.00)

11th day

ROMA-NAPOLI: Sunday 3/11/19 at 20.45 (or Saturday 2/11/19 at 18.00)

15th day

INTER-ROMA: Sunday 8/12/19 at 20.45 (or Saturday 7/12/19 at 18.00/15.00)

18th day

NAPOLI-INTER: Monday 6/1/20 at 20.45

19th day

ROMA-JUVENTUS: Sunday 12/1/20 at 20.45 (or Saturday 11/1/20 at 18.00)

21st day

NAPOLI-JUVENTUS: Sunday 26/1/20 at 20.45 (or Saturday 25/1/20 at 18.00)

23rd day

INTER-MILAN: Sunday 9/2/20 at 20.45 (or Saturday 8/2/20 at 18.00)

26th day

JUVENTUS-INTER: Sunday 1/3/20 at 20.45 (or Saturday 29/2/20 at 18.00)

30th day

NAPOLI-ROMA: Sunday 5/4/20 at 20.45 (or Saturday 4/4/20 at 18.00)

32nd day

NAPOLI-MILAN: Sunday 19/4/20 at 20.45 (or Saturday 18/4/20 at 18.00)

34th day

ROMA-INTER: Sunday 26/4/20 (or Saturday 25/4/20 at 18.00/15.00)

37th day

INTER-NAPOLI: Sunday 17/5/20 at 20.45.45

38th day

JUVENTUS-ROMA: Sunday 24/5/20 at 20.45

Serie A 2019-20: the big matches exclusively on DAZN

The other 4 big matches of Serie A 2019-20 remain with DAZN, according to the following schedule:

4th day

MILAN-INTER: Saturday 21/9/19 at 20.45 (or Sunday 22/9/19 at 12.30)

Day 11

TORINO-JUVENTUS: Saturday 2/11/19 at 20.45

Day 15

LAZIO-JUVENTUS: Saturday 7/12/19 at 20.45

Day 31

MILAN-JUVENTUS: Saturday 10/4/20 at 20.45