YouTube, here come the Stories

Google is implementing on YouTube a feature similar to Instagram's Stories, only not all users will be able to upload them and they will last for a full 7 days

Needless to deny it, Stories, that is, photos that disappear after a handful of seconds, are the real success for social media in recent years. In the beginning it was Snapchat, now we see them a bit 'everywhere from Instagram to Facebook and even on WhatsApp. And now we'll be able to use them on YouTube, too.

On Google's video platform, though, Stories won't be for everyone. Only users with at least 10 thousand subscribers to their channels will be able to use the new feature of timed photos and videos. To be honest, the differences with Instagram's Stories to YouTube's Stories are really a lot. Let's start with time: YouTube Stories last 7 days and not 24 hours. In addition, interaction will be immediate because each Story will have a kind of chat where users can ask questions or make appreciations to the creative who created the Story. Stories on YouTube can also be seen by everyone, both subscribers to a channel and those who don't follow that particular YouTube profile.

How YouTube Stories work

For YouTube this is a long sought-after goal, just think that the first tests on Stories to be added to the video platform started in November 2017. After exactly one year of experimentation then Google decided to make the new feature official. The tests were carried out on pages with many subscribers and Moutain View has made it known that at least for the beginning the Stories will appear much more on the mobile version of YouTube than on the desktop version. Those who have more than 10 thousand subscribers to their YouTube channel can create new stories by opening the YouTube mobile app, then tapping the camera icon and selecting the "Create Story" item. Users will also be able to respond to our stories with small videos or simple photos.