ZenCrate, the smart kennel that lulls dogs with music

Thanks to a series of smart sensors, the device treats Fido's states of anxiety through relaxing music and isolating the animal from noise

Low ears, sad look and tail between the legs are some of the most obvious signs that denote a state of fear in our four-legged friend. We can't always rush to their aid. A possible solution to treat anxiety in dogs may have found the company PNP Robotics.

The company, which developed its idea thanks to the funding campaign launched on Kickstarter, has created a smart kennel that can relieve stress in dogs. ZenCrate, this is the name of the smart kennel, calms the animal by using relaxing music. The dog house inside is a real concentration of technology. The sensors, in fact, allow the device to sense the presence of the animal and play music that calms the dog. In addition, the kennel isolates the dog from external acoustic sources, responsible for his anxiety.

How ZenCrate works

ZenCrate, which resembles a kind of cube, starts playing music as soon as the dog enters inside. The sounds are designed to be heard only inside the kennel. Another key feature is the mattress, which serves not only to provide the dog with a soft surface to lie on. Like music, in fact, the mattress attenuates the anxiety of our four-legged friend, dampening the external vibrations caused by thunder, fireworks and the passage of heavy machinery.

The kennel also has another advantage:  as it is activated autonomously, it does not require the presence of the owner. In this way, if the dog feels threatened, he can find shelter inside ZenCrate. The smart kennel, in its "premium" version also includes a wifi HD camera with which you can control Fido remotely via your smartphone.


You can order ZenCrate from the company's website at a price of $450 for the basic version (at current exchange rate about 411 euros) and for the one with wifi HD camera the dollars required are 535 (almost 490 euros).

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