Disney + catalog: what to watch

From launch day on Disney+ will be available more than 1000 contents: here are the best among movies, TV series and documentaries

The new video streaming platform that encompasses the movies and TV series belonging to the universe of The Walt Disney Company is coming. It will be available from March 24 in Italy and other countries around the world and will compete directly with other services, from Netflix to Now TV and Infinity.

The catalog available at launch contains more than a thousand titles belonging to all companies of the brand: Disney, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic. In addition to those already loved by the public, there will be many new content, specially designed for all subscribers to the service. By purchasing a subscription now you are entitled to a discount. In fact, on the platform you can already pre-order the service at a reduced launch price: 59.99 euros for one year instead of 69.99 euros. Alternatively, after March 24 you can also subscribe to the monthly subscription from € 6.99. But what are the movies, documentaries and series that you can watch now?

Disney Plus: catalog 

What content is available from March 24 on Disney +? There is no official list yet, in fact we will have to wait for the launch date to find out the catalog. However, taking a look at the official Facebook page of Disney Plus Italy you can have some anticipations.

The Why of Forky and other content for children

First of all, there will be some productions made with the contribution of famous Italian voices, such as the Toy Story spin off dedicated to the character Forky. The post published on the social network presents it as follows: "10 short films for 10 timeless questions: I Perché di Forky, with the voice of Luca Laurenti, streaming from March 24 on #DisneyPlus!" So this is content created by Pixar and dedicated to the most common questions asked by children.

Disney+ TV series

Another highly anticipated content is The Mandalorian, the TV series created by Lucasfilm and designed just for the Disney+ platform. It is the first live action content of the Star Wars saga, which tells the adventures of the Mandalorian bounty hunter around the galaxy. For the occasion, on March 22 on Italia 1 it will be possible to watch in late evening the first episode of the series that will debut two days later on Disney Plus.

Just as happens on Netflix and other platforms, even on Disney + will be possible to enjoy original productions. One of them is Elena, I'm going to be president! available from March 24.

What to see on Disney+: the most popular animated films

Of course, the Disney+ catalog will also include many famous titles. Among those immediately available are Frozen, Toy Story, Oceania, Aladdin, The Incredibles, Beauty and the Beast, Cars, and much more.

There will also be blockbuster movies, such as Avenger Endgame and Avatar, which won three Academy Awards in 2010. You can have fun with Jack Sparrow, the main character of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga.

At the same time, there will also be real revivals. We're talking, for example, about the new version of Lady and the Tramp, which will not be a cartoon but a movie to watch with the whole family.

There will also be classic content, those that have brought the characters of Walt Disney into every home in the world: Stories of Ducks, for example, is the series that has as its protagonist Scrooge McDuck and all the other fun characters of Duckburg.

National Geographic documentaries on Disney+

Finally, the most curious will have something to eat: they can watch many documentaries signed National Geographic and not only. For example, on the Facebook page has been published a post that presents the original documentary Disney Plus from the "A Day at Disney".

The program shows what happens behind the scenes of the factory that since 1923 produces dreams and brings them directly into homes around the world.