LOL: who laughs is out, who won and what the second season will be like

The last episodes of the show were released on April 8: here's who the winner is, how he didn't laugh and previews of the second season.

It's the phenomenon of the moment, for many people a breath of fresh air in a difficult period, a program of about six hours completely dedicated to comedy and fun. We're talking about LOL: Whoever laughs is out, the new Amazon Prime Video show.

It's a Japanese format that the platform is proposing in various countries around the world. In Italy, the first 4 episodes went online on April 1, the last on April 8, in which the winner was also discovered. It is one of the most appreciated and famous comedians of the web world. Already from the first days of April, the public has been clamoring for a new season, proposing many well-known faces from the Italian television scene. The co-hosts could then be them again, or Fedez and Mara Maionchi, who have managed the entire program at best. In short, let's see who is the winner and how he did not laugh and predictions for the second season.

LOL: who laughs is out, who is the winner and how he did not laugh (spoiler)

LOL: who laughs is out saw 10 participants hold back the laughter and compete for the final prize, 100 thousand euros to be donated to charity.

After eliminating the other comedians, in the last episode only two well-known characters remained: Katia Follesa and Ciro Priello.

The first is an Italian comedian and host, who came to success in 2014 when together with Valeria Geraci participated in Zelig. In the last years instead she has conducted on Real Time the program Cake Star.

Ciro Priello instead is one of the founders of The Jackal, production company formed by young comedians and videomakers, born in 2005 in Naples. The success of The Jackal started from the web and especially from the Youtube channel, where the group still publishes many videos, sketches and parodies that are very successful and often become viral. Together with him, Fru, also from The Jackal, took part in LOL: whoever laughs is out.

And the winner was Ciro Priello himself, who managed not to laugh until the very last second, not even when Katia Follesa made him soften by talking about his daughter. Ciro then declared that he wanted to donate the prize to Action Aid.

In an interview with Corriere della Sera he admitted that in order not to laugh he tried to drink and eat in order to hide any sketch of a smile. He even pretended to drink and then, as the game went on, he went into a sort of trance that excluded the possibility of laughing.

In the meantime, Fedez and Mara Maionchi were watching the situation evolve together with the eliminated, naturally in a room far from the theater where the show was being staged.

LOL: the one who laughs is out, will there be a second season?

Given the success of the show, the arrival of a second season cannot be excluded. On the web, users are already speculating about the next contestants, from Aldo Giovanni and Giacomo to Luciana Littizzetto and Checco Zalone.

Those who already feel nostalgia for the program can still find shows from other countries: LOL chi ride รจ fuori is the Italian version of the Japanese program Hitoshi Matsumoto Presents Documental, which already has 9 seasons and is one of the 10 most watched programs ever on Amazon Prime Video in Japan.

Amazon is also exporting the show to Germany and Spain and seems to be investing in it, especially after its incredible success in our country.