Netflix, here comes the “Satisfied or refunded”: how it works

Netflix launches the "Satisfied or refunded" promotion that allows you to test the platform for seven or twenty-one days. How it works

Initially, Netflix offered all new customers a thirty-day free trial to test the platform. Unfortunately, many users took advantage of this and created thousands of dummy accounts to continue watching movies and TV series for free. This soon led the company to revise its strategies and eliminate the free trial for a month. Now, however, Netflix is playing a new card: the "Satisfied or Refunded".

Logging into the Netflix website features the video streaming platform's new promotion. Those who want to subscribe to the platform for the first time can test it for seven days and in case they are not satisfied they can cancel their subscription and get a refund. A practice certainly not new in the world of sales and that has always brought good results. In this way Netflix can also put a brake on all the users who took advantage of the free month and then blocked the subscription in order not to pay.

How the Netflix Satisfied or Refunded works

Reading on the Netflix website, the "Satisfied or Refunded" promotion is valid for all those who subscribe for the first time to the platform or who reactivate their subscription after a while. How does it work? The user subscribes to Netflix by entering their email and choosing the method by which to pay for the first month. From when he subscribes, he has seven days to go back on his steps and cancel his subscription to get his money back. If, on the other hand, he is satisfied with the platform, the payment continues monthly without any problem.

Netflix is testing this new promotion to give everyone the chance to try even for seven days the platform that every month is enriched with new TV series and exclusive content. As has happened in the past, this is almost certainly a test to see if users are attracted to this new possibility.

In addition, there are reports from some users who have been offered a twenty-one day trial instead of seven. As said, these are tests and it may happen that some people are "luckier" than others.