O-R3, the surveillance robot car with built-in drone

Produced by a Singaporean company, O-R3 is an intelligent, semi-autonomous car capable of providing continuous surveillance

The day is getting closer and closer when we can entrust security not only to men in uniform but also to drones and robots. And it's closer than we can imagine. After the launch of the first robot cop, comes the robotic surveillance car that incorporates a drone.

The vehicle was made by Otsaw Digital, a Singapore-based company, and it stands out as an intelligent security tool. The O-R3, that's the name of the electric car, doesn't need to be remotely piloted. At the heart of the system is machine learning, or advanced learning. The smart technology of the robotic surveillance car allows the device to avoid obstacles and distinguish, thanks to facial recognition, intruders from authorized personnel. And that's not all. The O-R3 is able to detect, in its patrolling path, if someone has left a suspicious object and raise the alarm.

O-R3: features

Otsaw Digital's car, as mentioned, incorporates a drone. The robotic aircraft is located inside a platform that, in case of an alert, comes out of the small car, thus allowing the quadricopter to hover in the air. The drone can "chase" a suspect, covering a maximum distance of 100 meters from the location of the surveillance car. However, the information gathered by the autonomous security system is turned over to a human control center. It will be up to them, in fact, to assess the extent of the threats and trigger the alarm.

Despite traditional surveillance methods, the Singaporean company's vehicle is able to work around the clock, ensuring a continuous level of security, thanks in part to the system's ability to "understand" when the battery is almost dead and autonomously return to the "refueling" station.

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