Stan, the robot that parks your car for you

Stan is a smart trailer that is powered by electricity and managed remotely, it will make parking easy in crowded areas

Deaf of looking for parking for hours in large shopping malls, stations or airports? Don't worry, as of today there is Stan. It is a parking robot designed by the company Stanley Robotics. Using it is very easy and could solve the problems of many people.

Stan is nothing but an intelligent trailer. It has a front part that resembles a smiling face. The robot has two teal LED lights and a plastic template that resembles a smile. Using it is very simple, you get to the parking lot and leave the car inside a large box. Here once we are gone Stan will come and he will fix the vehicle looking for the first available place. In practice you can leave the car at the entrance of the parking lot and then you don't have to think about anything. A good way to save time and above all avoid stress. Especially for those who live in big cities.

How does the parking

Stan, say the developers, has virtually no margin for error. Once he reaches the car he slips his trailer under the vehicle. At this point he locks the wheels and then he's ready to go. Stan is also ecofriendly. In fact, the valet parking robot does not produce any emissions, being powered only by electricity. To manage the parking lots will be established in stations, airports or large areas of influx.Obviously the car at our departure is returned to the initial box so that we will not even have the stress of having to leave the parking lot.

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