Pilot, the smart translator that works with your smartphone. Photo

Pilot is a smart headset that can instantly translate the world's most used languages. The cost is 249 dollars, just over 200 euros

Thanks to international agreements, traveling within the European Union, but also to other continents, is much easier than it was a decade ago. The only problem remains the language: even if English has become the language of the business world, it is not yet spoken by everyone.

When you travel around the world it is complicated to make yourself understood by all the people, especially in moments of difficulty: if with gestures you cannot explain your problem, you need to find a person who can translate. During international meetings there are translators who can instantly transpose the speeches. But it is not always possible to have this type of service available: an American startup has created a pair of earphones capable of translating phrases in a few seconds in the most widely used languages in the world. Pilot, the name of the device, is the first intelligent instant translator.

How Pilot works

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Looking like a classic headset for listening to music or talking to friends, Pilot actually hides a technological heart that allows the user to talk to a person of another nationality without any communication problems. Pilot instantly translates the most used languages in the world: just use the application developed for smartphones and set the language. The operation is very simple: the headset is equipped with a special technology that allows it to recognize the other person's language. Every single word is passed to the application that instantly translates it into the user's language and instantly retransmits it. The earphones can also be used during business meetings to simplify communication between companies around the world.

Price and release date

Pilot was launched by the U.S. startup on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo and has raised over four million dollars. To buy it, you can order it directly on the company's website at a cost of $249, just over 200 euros. Inside the package are two headphones, a charger and three ear adapters. The two headphones also work separately: you can lend an earpiece to the person you need to talk to so that they too can understand your speech without any problem. The first headsets should ship by spring 2017 and Pilot will support English, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. During the summer, the U.S. startup will release a software update that will add support for new languages, including German, Russian, and some languages of Africa and Asia.

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