Stranger Things 4 trailer may hide release date

The new teaser trailer is cryptic and full of details, but fans haven't missed any important clues to the series. Here are all the details

On May 6, Netflix released the new teaser trailer for Stranger Things. It looks like the TV series is finally about to return. In fact, it's been over a year now that audiences have been waiting for the fourth season to arrive. Filming started before the pandemic, but then was interrupted in March 2020 to resume for good in 2021.

The high-voltage teaser caught the audience's attention right away. Lasting about a minute, it takes us back years and features Eleven. It shows the rooms of the lab where the little girl grew up, raised by Dr. Martin Brenner, whom she calls "daddy." He is the antagonist of the plot, we see him especially in the first season. In short, it seems that the series wants to dig into Eleven's childhood. But that's not all: the video would hide some clues about the release date of the fourth season. Fans have made such assumptions by interpreting the numbers that appear in the movie.

Stranger Things 4 release: what the numbers in the trailer reveal

First of all, Stranger Things fans have focused on the description of the teaser trailer posted on YouTube, which simply says "002/004". A previous clip, on the other hand, was described as "001/004" so many are speculating that we will see a total of 4 trailers before the fourth season is released.

According to another theory, the numbers could indicate that the new episodes will be released on February 4, 2022. But then there are other signs about the release date. The video shows a child playing with tokens, one of which falls into the number seven. And this has led to speculate that July is the month of release of the TV series. In short, the teaser hides important clues about the release date.

Stranger Things 4 plot: the role of Dr. Brenner

The trailer once again shows Dr. Brenner, played by actor Matthew Modine. He will likely play an important role in season four as well.

He, the ultimate antagonist, raised Eleven and the other children in his lab and is responsible for the tests that traumatized her and opened the gateway to the Underworld.

According to the clues in the teaser, the character will play an important role in the TV series, probably helping to reconstruct even better Eleven's traumatic past and the evolution of her powers.

In the trailer, we see him enter the classroom where there are children who greet him with "Good morning, Dad." In another room, number 11, there is Eleven blinking at the end of the trailer. Also, a fan was able to identify the song in French that plays in the background of the trailer that says "When the beloved returns." It probably means that Dr. Brenner will come back looking for Eleven in the new season. Other people have noticed quotes to one of the most famous horror movies in history, The Shining.

In short, it looks like Stranger Things 4 will be a mix of tension and adrenaline. All we can do is wait for the official release on Netflix, and in the meantime watch similar series available on streaming.