The funniest streaming series

Laughing is good for the heart and soul: let's discover together the series that give lightheartedness and hilarity

The return from vacation has happened a bit for everyone and what we don't want to think about is the return to work. We had fun during the vacations and all we want to do is continue to be carefree and lighthearted. This is the time for some binge watching of the best comedies that will do us good: to the heart and soul.

The choice of TV series that can distract you from the daily routine and give you back the right lightness to accompany the days are really countless and for all tastes. The comedies to laugh and stop thinking, disconnecting the brain from time to time, help the mood and everyday life. Almost like a medicine. Each platform has its own pill of humor and comedy series to take, put in your favorites and follow until the last episode. While waiting for the new releases of September, let's sit comfortably in these last days of August and let's clear our heads with fun and laughter for the best sitcoms in streaming.

The Good Place and Fleabag

The Good Place is a U.S. television series, comedy, which ironizes on the afterlife At the center of the story is Eleanor Shellstrop that after her death will end up in heaven by mistake! She certainly does not feel good and dear, like everyone around her, but in order not to be discovered, because she is not so bad after all, she will try to be a better person. All three seasons of this hilarious comedy are available on the Netflix platform.

Another woman is the focus of the stories in Fleabag where we have Phoebe. If you like complicated stories and a high dose of British humor this is your series. Tragicomica a tratti, i racconti della londinese Phoebe scorrono tra la gestione della caffetteria aperta con la defunta amica, la sua vita sessuale e familiare, facendovi sorridere e mostrandovi le cose da un punto di vista nuovo.

Sulla piattaforma Prime Video trovate le due stagioni.

IT Crowd e Ricky e Morty

Due nerd sono i protagonisti di ITCrowd. Gestiscono, con un ufficio in uno scantinato il reparto informatico di un’azienda che vede come proprietario un autentico imbranato! Moss e Roy sono fondamentali nel loro lavoro, ma vengono trattati da tutti con disprezzo. La storia narrativa si compone di dialoghi sagaci e ironici che vanno a comporre la classica struttura di una sitcom, giovane e brillante. IT Crowd fa leva sullo stesso umorismo che ha caratterizzato lo straordinario successo di The Office e poiché è del 2000, anticipa l’ilarità di The Big Bang Theory. IT Crowd is characterized by a high rate of gags and misunderstandings.

Rick and Morty is the animated series you should watch if you want to explore different planets and parallel worlds, with sharp dialogues, several flashbacks to movies and prestigious quotes, all immersed in a surreal reality that accompanies the storytelling of the series. The premise of this series is crazy and this allows an escape from the everyday. The irony of Rick is Morty can sometimes appear dark; it often happens that in paradoxical situations, the protagonists launch into ethical and philosophical issues, even deep, that with great humor accompany the reflection and then, a moment later it resumes with the madness of paradoxes.