Gomorra 5, when will the new season come out

There is great anticipation for the return of Ciro and Genny, the two protagonists of the TV series Gomorra. When will the fifth season be released? Here's what we know

Gomorrah is one of the most popular Italian TV series of recent years. It is loosely based on the novel of the same name by Roberto Saviano and was broadcast for the first time in 2014 exclusively on Sky. Since the first season, it tells the story of the criminality that operates in the suburbs of Naples, including theft, drug dealing and other Mafia-like activities.

Step by step, the title has become a real cult and now there are many who are waiting for the fifth season. Unfortunately, due to the forced isolation and social distancing, the release date of Gomorra 5 is still unknown. Initially, the new episodes were expected in a year's time, but the anti-contagious measures linked to Covid-19 could lengthen the time even further. Filming is also delayed to start, so the fate of the TV series is not well known. Nevertheless, we can still speculate what will happen and when the new episodes will be released.

Gomorrah 5 release: what do we know?

One of the latest updates related to Gomorra 5 was given by Marco D'Amore, one of the main actors, during the Ischia Film Festival: "We hope to resume filming for the fifth season in the fall, in full compliance with anti-Covid rules and with the hope that there will not be that Coronavirus backlash feared by some".

In short, filming will begin in several months, so we should see the next season no earlier than summer 2021 unless further emergencies cause another work stoppage. In order to understand what awaits us, we can make a summary of the previous episodes and hypothesize what awaits us.

What happened in the last episode?

In the last episode of Gomorra 4, we witness the effects of the murder of Patrizia (played by Cristiana dell'Anna) thanks to which Gennaro Savastano, played by actor Salvatore Esposito, manages to regain control of both Secondigliano and Scampia.

Genny finds an increasingly close ally in Mistral, an enigmatic character that many think is Ciro di Marzio (Marco D'Amore), who we will certainly see again in Gomorra 5.

The actor Marco D'Amore has also left his mark on the script of the episodes, not to mention that he wrote and directed L'immortale, a spin-off film of the TV series that focuses precisely on the character of Ciro di Marzio.

How to watch Gomorra streaming

Waiting for the fifth season, fans can review all the episodes of Gomorra streaming on SkyGo, the on-demand platform of Sky. To do so, you must be a subscriber and use one of the supported devices. To watch Gomorra in streaming just launch SkyGo, access the On Demand section and search for Gomorra. The tab of the TV series will appear and you can decide which episode to review.