Gomorra, filming has begun on season 5: when will it be released

The filming of Gomorra 5 has begun: it starts again from the sails of Scampia. Here's everything you need to know about the new season

The Covid-19 had postponed the start of filming, but now everything is ready: it's back on the set to shoot the first scenes of Gomorra 5. The most successful Italian TV series of the last decade is ready for its fifth and possibly final season. The filming will start from where it all began: the sails of Scampia. Although the demolition has begun to requalify the neighborhood, there are still some areas where the scenes of the new season can be recorded.

The protagonists of Gomorra 5 will always be the two of them: Gennaro Savastano and Ciro Di Marzio. The first has a single goal: to take control of Naples and to do so he decided to go underground and become a wanted man. The second, on the other hand, has come back to life: the movie "L'Immortale" showed us how Ciro saved himself after the gunshot he received on the boat and how, after a period abroad, he decided to return to Naples. Next to his friend-brother to help him finish the work. Gomorra 5 will probably be the last season, but it already promises to be the most beautiful ever.

Gomorra 5, filming has begun: the first previews

We start again from where it all began: that is, from the sails of Scampia. Shooting has begun on Gomorra 5, the TV series made by Cattleya and broadcast on Sky that has had incredible success, so much so that it has been broadcast all over the world. Although there is no official announcement, the fifth season could also be the last one produced, putting an end to a story that has shown all the negative sides of Italian organized crime.

From the first leaked anticipations, the protagonists of Gomorra 5 will be Gennaro Savastano and Ciro Di Marzio: the goal is to get their hands on Naples and not only on Secondigliano. The pair of friends is ready for anything, even to declare war on Enzo Villa, better known as Sangueblù. Other news is not known and the scriptwriters maintain the utmost secrecy on the evolution of the series.

When will Gomorra 5 be released

It is difficult to make predictions. Filming has just begun and with the rules of social distancing to be respected, the timeframe is getting longer. Most likely we will have to wait until the last months of 2021 to see Gomorra 5 on TV.

How to see Gomorra in streaming

Those who want to see the first four seasons of Gomorra can do so on SkyGo, the online platform of satellite TV. To use SkyGo you need to be a Sky subscriber and use one of the supported devices. To see Gomorra in streaming you need to launch SkyGo, enter the credentials and access the On Demand section. Here there will be a tab dedicated to Gomorra in which to choose which episode to review.