PlayStation 5: Sony announces news on launch day

The PlayStation 5 will be sold only online to avoid gatherings in stores and comply with the measures anti-covid: the announcement of Sony a few days after the launch day

Sony has decided: the PlayStation 5 will be sold only online. To make the Japanese company lean towards this choice was the pandemic of coronavirus that has affected the whole world, including the world of technology that is thus had to run for cover and find new alternatives to enter the homes of its customers.

A large part of the gestation of PS5 has suffered, willingly or unwillingly, the effects of Covid-19. Beginning with the official presentations, the meetings that are usually held each year to unveil the features of the new model took place, on this occasion, completely online. Between a minimal sharing of the features of the 2020 edition and the digital format of the conferences that have been held during the last few months, PlayStation 5 has still managed to grow a great expectation among its fans who are now counting the days to get their hands on the latest powerful device from Sony.

PlayStation 5 online, the message on the official blog

To launch the announcement of the online sale of PS5 was Sid Shuman, Senior Director and Content Communications at Sony, through a post published on the PlayStation blog. The news came just a few hours ago, just a few days before the official launch of the latest version of the game console, scheduled for November 19 in Europe.

The Senior Director stressed that PlayStation's next-gen consoles will not be available in physical stores, but exclusively on the online stores of partner stores. There's no point in lining up in front of stores hours or even days in advance, as has been the case in previous years, to be the first to grab the PlayStation 5. "Stay safe, stay home and place your order online," Shuman wrote.

PlayStation 5, delivery and pickup methods

For those who had already placed their order through online online sales websites, choosing to personally pick up their PS5 in-store instead of receiving delivery directly to their homes, there remains the option to follow their own plans always in accordance with the security protocols provided by their country of residence. In any case, reminds Shuman, it is better to contact the seller first to make sure that all the details for the withdrawal are still valid.

Remain instead unchanged the mode of delivery that, following the popular wisdom of the saying "no new, good new", should be regular, without any delay whatsoever. Shuman then decided to thank the entire community of PlayStation fans, for all the support shown during this year particularly complex for everyone, even for the world of video games.