Iliad, problems in receiving calls, what’s happening

Since the morning of October 16, some Iliad customers can't receive calls. Here's what's happening and how to solve

For a few hours now, many users have been reporting problems with the Iliad network in different parts of Italy. It is not a real down, since the malfunction does not affect all customers of the new operator. Moreover, the inefficiency only affects the reception of calls, while you can quietly call any person. And the same is true for the data network, even if many report a slowdown compared to the previous days.

In addition to not receiving calls, users are not even able to call the customer service to get explanations on what is happening. The 177 is unreachable. On, a website that collects the complaints of users when a service or an application doesn't work, there are hundreds of reports on the problems that are characterizing Iliad in these hours. For the moment, the phone operator has not released any statement, but is certainly working to resolve the situation. We will continue to follow the situation and keep you informed.

Why you can't receive calls with Iliad

For the moment, we don't know the reasons why some Iliad users can't receive calls since this morning. It must be stressed that the problem does not affect all users, but only a small number. And most of the reports are concentrated in Northern and Central Italy.

How to solve the Iliad network problem

Some users report a trick to solve the problem: turn off and on the smartphone. In many cases it worked. Other users, however, have removed the SIM card from their smartphone, inserted it into another device, and then put it back on their smartphone. And magically they were back to receiving calls.