LOL, the second season arrives: who will be there

After the success of the comedy show LOL on Prime Video, a second edition is coming: Amazon unveils the protagonists who will compete until the last laugh

Ten comedians locked in a house and a challenge to win: resist until the last second without laughing at their colleagues' jokes. This is the comedy show LOL - whoever laughs is out, which has achieved great success on Prime Video and is now back with a new edition and a new cast of professionals of laughter.

The format produced by Endemol Shine Italy for Amazon Studios was born in Japan and has also landed in Italy, where in the last edition saw Ciro Priello of The Jackal triumph. In the episodes of the comedy show the comedians gave their best, first of all Elio from Elio e le storie tese and Frank Matano, who challenged each other until the last gag and were eliminated. Now Prime Video has announced the names of the 10 comedians who will be the protagonists of the second season coming up, who will have to avoid laughing under the watchful eye of Fedez as game master and Frank Matano as his helper.

LOL - chi ride è fuori: i nuovi comici

Also in the second season of LOL - chi ride è fuori on Prime Video there will be a lot to see. Jokes and gags destined to invade the network and become the next catchphrases, like Frank Matano's noisy pipe, which went viral on Amazon.

The streaming platform has finally announced the new stars of the highly successful comedy show and among them are: Virginia Raffaele, Corrado Guzzanti, Diana Del Bufalo, Maccio Capatonda, Maria Di Biase, Mago Forest, Alice Mangione, Gianmarco Pozzoli, Tess Masazza and Max Angioni.

At the conduction is confirmed Fedez, by now Prime Video's ambassador in Italy, who will be joined by a former participant who entertained the audience, even if he didn't turn out to be one of the winners: the likeable Matano.

LOL - whoever laughs is out: how it works

The comedians chosen for the second edition of LOL will find themselves in a house, complete with a stage where they can perform and a dressing room to prepare their outfits. A single objective: to tell jokes, do gags and sketches that will make their opponents laugh, so as to eliminate them.

A challenge to the last joke, and the last laugh, which will have no mercy for those who let slip even a hint of a smile on the lips. The first laugh will be followed by a yellow card. At the second, the red card: you are out. In short, seriousness is a must if you want to win the prize of 100,000 euros to be donated to a charity chosen by the winner.

LOL - chi ride è fuori: quando arriva

The format of the comedy show came from Japan and has been replicated in 10 countries, including Italy. In our country, the comedians have been so good that they have had a great success: LOL is the record-breaking original Italian Amazon series on the platform.

Nicole Morganti, head of Amazon Originals Italia, commented: "For this second edition, the desire to experiment also passes through the choice of a cast of contestants equally divided between women and men, to break every cliché about comedy".

The release date has not yet been announced by Prime Video, but the second season of LOL could arrive in early 2022, remembering that the first season arrived on the platform in April 2021.

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